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Solidworks PDM get selected files variable

Question asked by Pichaiyan Prabaharan on Dec 3, 2018

I need to get selected files card variables in msgbox.

is it possible ?


my codes :


Imports EdmLib

Public Class VbAddin

    Implements IEdmAddIn5

    Public Sub GetAddInInfo(ByRef poInfo As EdmAddInInfo, poVault As IEdmVault5, poCmdMgr As IEdmCmdMgr5) Implements IEdmAddIn5.GetAddInInfo

        poInfo.mbsAddInName = "Minimal VB.Net Addi-in"
        poInfo.mbsCompany = "AEM"
        poInfo.mbsDescription = "Testing Only"
        poInfo.mlAddInVersion = 1
        poInfo.mlRequiredVersionMajor = 6
        poInfo.mlRequiredVersionMinor = 4

        If poVault.IsLoggedIn Then
            MsgBox("We are logged in to the  " + poVault.Name + " vault")
            MsgBox("We are not logged in to a vault")
        End If

        poCmdMgr.AddCmd(1, "Minimal VB.Net Add-in menu item")

    End Sub

    Public Sub OnCmd(ByRef poCmd As EdmCmd, ByRef ppoData As Array) Implements IEdmAddIn5.OnCmd
        Dim AffectedFile As EdmCmdData
        Dim AffectedFileNames As String = vbCrLf + vbCrLf

        Select Case poCmd.meCmdType

            Case EdmCmdType.EdmCmd_PreLock

                For Each AffectedFile In ppoData
                    AffectedFileNames += AffectedFile.mbsStrData1 + vbCrLf
                Next AffectedFile
                AffectedFileNames += vbCrLf
                Dim MsgBoxResult As MsgBoxResult

                MsgBoxResult = MsgBox("The Files Below are about to be checked out" + AffectedFileNames + "Seleted.")

            Case Else
                poCmd.mpoVault.msgbox(poCmd.mlParentWnd, "An Unknown Command type was issued.")
        End Select

    End Sub
End Class