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Upgrading to Solidworks 2019 with Routing

Discussion created by Aaron Seifert on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Aaron Seifert

We just upgraded to Solidworks 2019.  SW does not remind you that you must upgrade the Toolbox database, which is a complicated effort even if every thing goes right the 1st time.  I had to call my VAR to figure out the new performance enhancement has a problem crashing the toolbox.  Solved now thanks to VAR.  Now I can't route pipe without upgrading all piping component parts, all 2,191 of them. I have to be here to watch all files to be updated because some files were se to "read only" and the task manager has no way to over ride this.  I also have to update the Solidworks Routing Library and synchronize the database, All 2,191 parts again.  That is of course I am on my 3rd try because it ran of all 32GB RAM the first two times.  We now have to use the task scheduler to update all the models in our current project so the new performance enhancement will take effect.  Currently performance is really bad.  Its been three working days and still can't route pipe.


SW needs to work on it's upgrading process to make it a smoother transition.  When upgrading any add-ins supplied by SW need to be done during installation process not as a separate process to be remembered a year later.  "How was that done again". All models should work from previous version without updating because we have many more models than just the piping components, 5,134 files.  Our large assemblies have over 20,000 parts in it and all of them must be updated.


Painful!!  Come on SW we pay a lot of money for multiple licenses and three days of no work cost more than a license.