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Hole Wizard - Placing Points on Existing Hole Wizard Sketch

Question asked by Jacob Harris on Dec 3, 2018
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I have an assembly with two curved parts, each with a concentric mating relation between faces; for example, a sleeve on a tube.


The outer part (sleeve) already has hole wizard holes and I am trying to create holes on the inner part (tube) now. The plan was to do this in the assembly level to guarantee concentric hole placement. Like having the holes already drilled on the sleeve, and then lining up the drill bit with existing holes for the tube.


My plan was:

1) Show the existing hole wizard sketch (on the sleeve)

2) Place the new hole wizard points coincident with the existing hole wizard points.


However, this did not work and prompted me with an error message about invalid hole placement.


I have worked around this by selecting the same face and placing the holes away from the existing hole, then editing the sketch and adding coincident relations between points.


I was just wondering if anyone has had this issue or could explain what went wrong with my first method.


Using SW 2018


*edit: added images. First Image shows error message with point on existing sketch. Second Image shows curvature with holes.