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PDM replace underscore with slash in variable

Question asked by Eric Schwieterman on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Niels Raahauge

Here's my scenario.  In my PDM data card for SolidWorks files I have a variable named "Part Number" and it's default value is "File Name without extension"

We have some part numbers that have a slash in them.  for example:  1_4-28


obviously windows doesn't allow a slash in a part number, hence the underscore. 


Is it possible to do a replace in a string in a PDM variable?  Basically want to have another variable that references the "Part Number" variable and replaces the underscore with a slash to give you:  1/4-28.


original variable:

"Part Number" = 1_4-28


new variable:

"Part Number Replace" = 1/4-28


Thanks - Eric