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Creating fillet radius on a Lofted edge

Question asked by Sarvesh Ambekar on Dec 2, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2018 by ömür tokman

Hi all,

I have created a propeller blade profile with NACA airfoil data points & finally it is converted in to a solid geometry with Loft feature.

However, I have some issues with which I need some help.

For all practical manufacturing reasons, I need a small radius on the trailing edge of the blade. However, I couldn't figure it out how exactly I could achieve it?

I have two possible ways with which I can do this,

  1. Add a defined radius in each section with which the loft feature will generate a gradually increasing radius from free end to connection point at propeller.

I faced following problem with this solution, when a curve thru data points is created then it will be a spline and editing a spline offers some challenge as it is not possible to 'explode' (pardon me for this xxxxcad term) and rebuilt this spline profile. Also, I could not alter this spline profile freely because it is not possible to include or add other geometry & connect it with the original spline geometry.


2. Add this radius after the after the loft is created.

Once the solid model is created then it is not possible to apply radius to this edge due to the nature of this geometry. Also with this geometry it is also not possible to apply radius feature at the edge which is then merging with propeller mounting.

If any one has a clue about how this issue cab be resolved then please guide me.

Best Regards