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Issues with saving design table externally

Question asked by Arno Goossens on Dec 2, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2018 by Fernando Castellanos

I have a shaft for which I want to use parametric design with design tables. I created a design table, no problems there. But now I want to have the excel sheet externally, so I can just change the values in excel and when I open the 3D model the dimensions update to those in the excel file.


I tried saving the design table, but everytime I do this it gives an error saying 'Cannot save *file path* ". When I go and look in the folder where I tried to save the design table there is an excel file there with the same name I gave it but with '__new' added to the name. So for example when I try to save the design table as 'pinion_shaft.xlsx' the actual excel file will be called 'pinion_shaft__new.xlsx'. This excel file doesn't seem to be linked to the model, if I change dimensions in the file they are not updated in solidworks.


So then I thought, I have the design table saved why don't I delete the design table in solidworks, then insert the externally saved excel file as a design table. This way the excel file will be formated correctly because I created it with solidworks. Did this but still the model doesn't update to the values in the excel file. When I then go to save the part it says 'saving linked design table' or something like this, after which I get the same 'cannot save' error. And, suprise surprise, there is a new excel file created with '__new' added to the name of the excel file I inserted as design table. So if I insert 'pinion_shaft__new.xlsx' and save the part, 'pinion_shaft__new__new.xlsx' is created.


Anybody ideas as to what is happening? I just want to have the design table linked to an external file, and have the model update to the dimensions in this file.