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    When using the BOMs to XML Example (VBA)

    Vince Riha

      When using the Export BOM to XML as shown in Export BOMs to XML Example (VBA) I have two questions.


           First how can I write each cell of the table after the previous cell with no spaces or carriage returns. I was able to take the generated file and edit it in notepad to massage the format to get it to import in our SAP. I had to remove all spaces and carriage returns essentially creating a single line file.

      currently the example has me using,


        For j = nStart To 18

              XMLfile.WriteLine "                <BOMITEM>"

              For k = 0 To nNumCol - 1

                  XMLfile.WriteLine "                    " + "<" + sHeaderText(k) + ">" + swTableAnn.Text2(j, k, True) + "</" + sHeaderText(k) + ">"

              Next k

              XMLfile.WriteLine "                </BOMITEM>"

          Next j

      So each row becomes a line and I am not sure how I can do this otherwise.


           Second how do you suggest i add an XML declaration to the file? currently I'm using 'XMLfile.WriteLine "<?xml version=" & Chr(34) & "1.0" & Chr(34) & " encoding=" & Chr(34) & "utf-16" & Chr(34) & "?>" but this will work for the import (Once I remove spaces and CR's) but it wont preview in MS Internet explorer as our current files from inventor do.



      Thank you in advance