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Please Fix Area Hatching and Picture import in Solidworks Drawings

Question asked by Dmitry Ponomarev on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

I can't believe that this program has been around for 20 years (and using it for 10 years), every part of the Drawings in Solidworks feels like a bunch of plug-ins hacked together by different contractors.

  • All the time when I place hatch or area fills into drawings it's not recognizing half of the lines,
  • it draws hatches across different sections and never in space between the lines where you want it to,
  • I cannot select the lines of an enclosed polygon to make a hatch if it's coincident with any other lines, it wont recognize an object
  • I cannot move the points of a polygon that has an area hatch, it won't update the fill
  • it slows down Solidworks to a grinding halt to have just a few hatches in your drawing.
  • Importing images and objects and moving them around is almost impossible.
  • When importing some images, they show up as a dashed black line with a transparent background, even when I try every other image format, resolution, depth,etc.
  • Many times objects become completely unselectable and ruin your drawings.
  • Undo-ing an operation on an imported picture or drawing doesn't work, instead it just undoes the last sketch operation.
  • Redo doesn't work at all.

This is Solidworks 2018!!! and its worse than using autocad from 199x. If any developers read this, please consider fixing this sloppy mess of code and help make it operate smooth and seamless like the rest of the software. Thanks,