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Unresolved Network Assembly in Flow??

Question asked by Jean-Philippe Fournier on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Jean-Philippe Fournier

Hello All,


Trying to run a Flow simulation with a very simple Two-Resistor Component placed on a metal socket.

Two-Resistor Component is a Pre-Defined template from the Engineering Database.


Every time am running the simulation, I receive a warning in the Solver window showing: Unresolved Network Assembly  (see screenshot) which prevents Flow to solve.


I have to stripped down my model to the bare minimum to try and identify the cause, do it seems my issue might not be related to the model am using.


Any one ran into this issue before?

I have investigated the location for the Engineering Database but everything is set to default installation values....

FYI  I have lately moved from a standalone to a PDM version of Solidworks 2018. Could that be a reason?


Thanks in advance for your replies!