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Solidworks Cam Issues

Question asked by Michael Zimmerman on Nov 30, 2018
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Hello Everyone

This is my first post so if I'm missing anything or am in the wrong section please let me know! Anyways, I have a business I'm starting up and a phenomenal machinist and a very good drafter. The issue is none of has have ever operated solidworks cam before. The link above has the machine files for our CNC Lathe, The screenshots of the problems, and the part files. So what's happening is the part was drafted(educational version) prior to us getting a paid for license. We contacted them and they said it would cause no issues and didn't need converted which is fine. However, When we get to the solidworks cam tab, It doesn't align the part in with the chuck and the material won't align with the part or over it for that matter and when we run the simulator it shows that the tooling would eat away the chuck and that's a big no no. I have the stock material set up from a parts file since it is a 10mm hex stock and not a round stock. Material has already been ordered and is sitting in front of the machine waiting to be machined and this is the last thing holding us up. This is for my startup company in manufacturing inventions that I own and some from some outside sources. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you need to email me, my email is