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    How to get a consistent shell mesh orientation on each face of a surface body?

    Matt Owen



      I have created a midplane model of some framework and am meshing with shell elements. The shell orientation is correct when looking at it within the shell manager (see attached screenshot) but when I mesh it the orientation changes. Not only this, but the different faces on the same surface body do not have a consistent orientation (see attached screenshot). I know how to change this manually by right clicking on the mesh and clicking 'flip shell elements' however this will be incredibly time consuming to do each time I run a study or make any changes. How can I control the orientation properly so they are consistent with each other?


      Thanks, Matt


      Mesh orientation.JPG

      Shell orientation.JPG

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          Bill McEachern

          What version you have may matter. I have not used it in a while so this could be a bit out of date. However, in the past once you set them manually they were generally sticky upon remeshing. Geometry changes would affect the parts/surfaces in question and you might have to manually re-align. There is also an option for automatic alignment of non composite shells in the options. I usually turn this off as it takes much much longer launch a job when this is on and it does a worse job at aligning shells than with it off. Try that those things and if it still doesn't work that well an enhancement request is your only other options as far as I know. And. this option doesn't really work very well. The issue I believe is that SWX itself does not track surface normals so it gets a bit tricky, as do most things in shell meshing in SWX Sim - not its strongest suit in my experience.