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    Verification Code

    Robert Tupa

      Trying to install and can't get a verification code. It states that a code has been sent via email.

      But, this is all I get:

      We checked our spam filter. I've resubmitted the form as they suggest many times even using different name and email as recommended in the help.


      Any other ideas? Very frustrating.

        • Re: Verification Code
          Mark Johnson


          There are 2 installers for eDrawings 2018 onward – the one which is downloaded from edrawingsviewer.com\solidworks.com as a standalone download and one included in the SolidWorks installation media.


          The standalone installer requires activation on each machine.  This is intended and cannot be disabled (The delay sometimes can happen based on IP address range and other factors).

          The Installer found under [SolidWorks DVD\full download]\eDrawings  does NOT require activation \ verification code.


          Please reach out to your internal IT staff or CAD admin group or person for a copy of SolidWorks Installation media.  (If this is not readily available, you may log into the SolidWorks Customer Portal and download the 2018 installation Manager.  Using the installation manager choose ‘download only’ this will download a full DVD worth of Install media for SolidWorks)

          After you have obtained the media, please uninstall eDrawings which is currently installed, reboot, and install eDrawings from  [SolidWorks DVD\full download]\eDrawings .  This new installation will not require activation and should resolve your issue