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Typing into the "Modify" dimension in a part is super slow now....

Question asked by Devin Weston on Nov 29, 2018

So I just got a brand new machine with Windows 10 (HP Z4G4 w 16gb RAM and Quadro P4000), and the same solidworks I've been using for years (2016 SP4) and one odd thing is happening. Say you have a part open and double click a feature and then the dimensions pop up. You double click the dimensions and inside the box, anything I type is very slow and it seems to "refresh" side left to right with each character I type.... sort of like typing on an old computer that had a super slow KB buffer. Very annoying!! Anyone know what this is? This behavior did not occur in Windows 7 for me so I'm thinking it's a Windows 10 thing?


Things to note:

1) I have Instant2D and Instant3D turned off, because f**k those features

2) I ran SolidWorks RX and am good to go. Have newest safe graphics drivers, etc..: