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Auto balloon on views and delete unlinked balloons

Question asked by Robert Voogt on Nov 29, 2018

Hi all,


I need my code to first check if a view has a balloon with a missing link (? or *). If so then I need the code to select all the views that have balloon annotations. I can have multiple views with and without balloons and I only need the ones with balloon annotations selected.

Then when all the views are selected with a balloon annotation, I need the code to run "auto balloon" (Replace Balloons, rest on default settings). After that, I need the code to check for balloons containing ? or * and remove those (or even balloons of which the balloon is hidden but the line is still visible) .


Is this possible?


edit 1: Found out how to run autoballoon (record macro works wonders sometimes) on selected views. Still need to know how to select those views automatically.