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Custom Balloon Macro Assistance

Question asked by Jason VanHalle on Nov 29, 2018

Good Morning All,


I've previously posted here quite a bit but am with a new company and have a new email address, so I'm brand new again!


I'm looking for some help with a macro that automatically fills out balloons on an assembly drawing. This macro worked previously, and I'm not quite sure why it stopped, and I'm having trouble figuring it out.


The process should work as follows:


-Create assembly drawing

-Use a standard/default balloon and balloon entire assembly

-Select balloons in order

-Run Macro


The macro used to:

-Switch balloon to Circular Split Line w/ 2 Characters

-Switch Top of Balloon to 'Custom Properties - DetailNumber' of the part ballooned and writes the 'DetailNumber' in the part's Custom Properties to be 1

-Switch Bottom of Balloon to 'Custom Properties - DrawingNumber' of the part ballooned. If the part is 'Purchased' (I think this may be one of the problems - I lost my part template file, and I think it's looking for that. The macro used to automatically check if the part was purchased and made the lower half of the balloon the BOM sheet number, or for parts that have a drawing sheet it would take the last three numbers of the filename and write that to the 'DrawingNumber' in the part's custom properties.

-Go to the next balloon as was selected in order previously and make that 'DetailNumber' 2 (incrementing to the last balloon) and repeat the process until all balloons have been changed (along with the part file's custom property values for 'DetailNumber' and 'DrawingNumber'


Even if I could get the macro to swap the balloon format to the part files' DetailNumber/DrawingNumber and have it automatically update the DetailNumber custom property in the files, that would be a huge improvement. I can manage the DrawingNumbers portion without it being too much of a hassle until I have time to figure it out.


Thanks All!