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Costing API - How to set material?

Question asked by Andrew Currier on Nov 28, 2018

What API methods should I use to set the material of a part, such that the costing API can use this material to generate its analysis?


Here's what I'm currently doing:


First, set the material of the body/bodies like this:

body.SetMaterialProperty("Default", "solidworks materials.sldmat", materialName);


Later, having created the CostAnalysis, get the CostAnalysisMachining for each costing body like this:

CostAnalysis bodyCostAnalysis = (CostAnalysis)costBody.CreateCostAnalysis("--path to machining template--");

CostAnalysisMachining costMachining = (CostAnalysisMachining)bodyCostAnalysis.GetSpecificAnalysis();


Now, get the material name:

string costingMaterialName = costMachining.CurrentMaterial


Question: Why isn't costingMaterialName equal to materialName?


Thanks for any help!