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Flattening a cylinder without loosing 1° of wrap

Question asked by Sean Powell on Nov 29, 2018
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Thank you in advance for your help. Current project requires a laser cut cut tube. The machinists want the part exported as a flat pattern to drive their CMM software. All the tutorials show unrolling the cylinder AFTER creating a small angular cut or split with discreet width. Problem is that any gap I create throws off the pattern just a little bit in the CMM. I need to create a thin-wall cylinder, create some cuts in it, unroll it, create some fillets in it (so that the machine isn't calculating B-spline ovals which is apparently slow) roll it back into a cylinder and then configure the final roll-up so it is suppressed in the flat pattern. Seems like this would be easy... except for creating a 0 width cut so there is an edge to use for the "Surface Flatten" feature. Maybe in the sheet-metal package there are 0-thickness cuts?


Any ideas?


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