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Why would a drawing want me to save an unrelated model file?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Sarah Dwight

So I opened an older drawing FF 1021-22 which links to model of the same name.

I opened the model and saved as FF 1090-91.sldprt which converted the older file as expected.

Then I tried to save the drawing as FF 1090-91.slddrw, but the linked file is not FF 1090-91.sldprt nor FF 1021-22.sldprt, but FF 1041-42.sldprt????

I checked the references in the drawing, but FF 1041-42 is not mentioned.

I checked the View palette, just to be certain FF 1041-42 wasn't open in the background, and it is not.

Note, I opened the model that I saved from the drawing with a RMB>open part file.


So before I saved the drawing as FF 1090-91 I made a copy of FF 1041-42.sldprt.

After saving the drawing, I found that FF 1041-42.sldprt was indeed saved today as SW said it would be.

But so was my new file FF 1090-91.sldprt.

So where else might this part be linked?

Is there another way to find hidden references?