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    Stand-alone C# state transition comments

    Joe Schiavone

      In a stand-alone C# program, how can I retrieve the state transition comments for a specific file? I'm getting lost going from Interface to Interface.

      Thank you.


                                                                                 - Ed Woychowsky

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          Jim Sculley

          Something like this:

          IEdmHistory2 historyProvider = (IEdmHistory2)vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_History);
          Array histArray = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(EdmHistoryItem), 0);
          historyProvider.GetHistory(ref histArray, (int)EdmHistoryType.Edmhist_FileState);
          EdmHistoryItem[] historyItems = (EdmHistoryItem[])histArray;
          String firstTransitionComment = historyItems[0].mbsComment;