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FEA -- Bonded Contact -- Making sure I am not "welding" large unrelated face to a target face..?

Question asked by Jared Logsdon on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Ryan Dark

I am trying to do a bonded contact between certain parts of a motorcycle chassis. Under Contact visualization plot, sometimes, the ENTIRE face of something I am trying to bond to another face gets turned red (bonded).. Really all I want to do over here is make sure that I am not "bonding" the entire face of this thing to the chassis tubes I am trying to weld it to, just to whatever part of the tube that would be realistically welded to it. ... See picture below for example.


Does that make sense? It is not in my interest to bond THE ENTIRE RED FACE to whatever part of the chassis tube that may be touching it.


I attached the "not contact visualization plot" picture for your convenience.