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Dispatch - Jump if a file is already checked out?

Question asked by Alexandre Bonneau on Nov 28, 2018
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I'm currently working on a dispatch task that when a Drawing is created, will ask a question to the user. I need this answer to be stored in both drawing and assembly with the same name. The issue I have, is that it's possible that the assembly is either already check-out or check-in. If the assembly is already check-out, I just want to set the value of the answer. I don't want to do a "check-out/check-in" since the check-out will result with an error and the assembly will then be check in when it was check-out at the begining and need to stay check-out. But if a file is check-in, I need to do a check-out, edit value then check-in.


So is there a way in dispatch to determine if a file is check-out or in?