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Transferring a group of parts into an assembly

Question asked by Eric Frissell on Nov 28, 2018
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Sorry if the title is a bit jacked but I don't know if we have the wording for what I'm trying to figure out.  So, here's something I am looking into.  Currently we have 8 angle iron pieces that we weld to the top of a tank and bolt onto an enclosure.  My opinion has been that we should include the angle iron in the enclosure assembly with a note to weld to the top of the fuel tank but the engineer running the thing has a different opinion.  His opinion is that the angle iron should be included in the assembly with the tank since it's welded to the tank.  I also agree with anyone who thinks that just welding things is going to cause problems when it comes to lining up holes later... Also we don't use weldments because multi-body parts may cause issues with CNC programming but the issue hasn't really been explored.  So my question is how to essentially drag these 8 angle iron pieces into the model as one assembly so I can reduce the time spent mating individual pieces and mates in the assembly to 3 instead of 24.  As of now I have an assembly (we'll call it enclosure mounting assembly) of the 8 angle iron pieces that stays checked in and gets dragged into the model and mated.  Then I drag all the pieces from the enclosure mounting assembly up one level into the tank assembly, hide the enclosure mounting assembly and exclude it from the bill of materials.  This leaves 8 angle iron pieces mated to the enclosure mounting assembly which is mated to the tank.  The downside is you can't delete the enclosure mounting assembly from the tank assembly or else all the mates break.  Anyone have a better way of dropping a bunch of parts into an assembly?