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How do I reference an 'as welded' cutlist in BOM?

Question asked by Randy May on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Eric Frissell

Hello, my question is regarding weldment cutlists and how they relate to and BOMs.


Now I know how to make the BOM indented to see the weldment cutlist on the sheet. My problem is, I would like that cutlist to reference the 'as welded' config of the the weldment and not the 'as machined'. I am not sure if this is possible without having that config active in the assembly. Maybe somebody knows a workaround for this or a straightforward solution?


This picture shows the weldment cutlist from the 'as machined' config. This caused there to be duplicate bodies in the BOM.


weldment bom.PNG


Here is the cutlist from the sheet that is referencing the 'as welded' config, that I would like to have shown in the main level BOM.


as welded.PNG