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Twist Track - Rotate block 180deg problem

Question asked by Wiebe Nijhof on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by Jason Young



For a project we are busy designing a rotary block in which products are rotated 180 degrees. We started with 3D printing of this, but we encounter a design problem that we can not solve yet.

To rotate the product with as little resistance and lifting as possible, we need the rotate curve to be as level as possible.

In the picture I have outlined the current situation. The aim is to have the top plane (also the bottom of the product when entering) the lowest point and that the 180 twist also does not come underneath because of the mounting space.

I have now set up the model as a sketch every 10mm of the twist with a 4deg twist. This is about the shape what we want to acchieve. but the funnel isnt smooth.


I hope someone can help us a bit with this, I think it is a tough question


2018-11-30 11_57_54-SOLIDWORKS Premium 2017 x64 Edition - Keerblock.png