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prioritizing mates, verification mates

Question asked by Alan Blanchard on Nov 27, 2018
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I often build an assembly out of parts by mating surfaces together, then placing screw holes in the parts in the context of the assembly.  I would then

mate the parts using the axes of the screw holes and delete the surface mates.  The mates then reflect how the physical objects are actually held together.  But I still

want to make sure all the surfaces are still lined up after making changes to the assembly. Is there some way to mark a mate so that Solidworks doesn't try to move

parts to satisfy the mate, but just indicate when the mate isn't satisfied?  I could keep both the surface mates and the axis mates, but too many of those and the assembly becomes over-defined and Solidworks starts giving error messages.


Said another way, is there some way to have some mates actually drive the assembly, and another class of mates to just check to make sure everything lines up

the way I want it?  Is there some way to prioritize mates so Solidworks satisfies the mates in a given order?