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PDF file revisions on data cards

Question asked by John Wayman on Nov 27, 2018

We use PDM Standard, and when a drawing is released, a PDF file is automatically created and placed in a specific folder.

The filename of the PDF file reflects the Revision of the drawing it represents:




When a drawing goes through an Engineering change, and is released at Revision B, another PDF File is created:




Because we are using PDM Standard, we must manually Release the PDF files - PDM Standard does not include the functionality to release them automatically (as far as I know).


The workflow is, therefore, to release the drawing, thus automatically creating a PDF file with a revision-specific filename, then navigate to the PDF folder, find the newly-created PDF and Release it.


All well and good, except:


The PDF file for Revision B of a drawing is, necessarily, different to that for Revision A, having a different filename. Therefore, when PDM Standard releases the new PDF, it does not recognise that it is based on an existing one.

I therefore have the strange situation shown:




with pdf files showing various revisions of parts, but all pdf files at Revision A-00.


The data card typically looks like this one, for MCP0273-WP1-S01-016, Revision B-00:




So the part number is populated from the part, and therefore does not include the revision, but the revision is populated from the PDF file, and therefore always shows A-00.


Is it possible to sort this mess out within PDM Standard?


  • I want my PDF files to show the revision of the part in their filename, because that is what I send my suppliers.
  • I want my PDF Data cards to show the revision of the part shown in the PDF file.
  • I would like the Revision shown on the Data Card to be based on the filename of the PDF file, so everything progresses linealry, rather than referring back through the chain of file production.


Is any of this possible in PDM Standard, and, if so, how?


Or is there a better way?


I don't like having my procurement department clicking on a PDF called xxxyyyy-Rev_B-00 and seeing a Data Card pop up showing the same part number, but Revision A-00. They are entitled to be confused by this.


I would appreciate some help.



SW2018, SP4