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Renumber Documents incorrectly handling formula

Question asked by S. Bates on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Evan Stanek

Just going through some processes and attempted to renumber some books to update their naming to follow a new convention and found something odd in the application of marks.


Have a book "[02] Facility 02", where the tag is generated by the formula '[' + STRZ(BOOK_ORDERNO, 2, 0) + '] Facility ' + LOCATION_TAG



After running this through the renumber documents process (Whole Project, Update Marks) the book is now tagged as "[02] Facility 01", where 01 is the first location listed in the locations manager.

This has been repeated for the same results a number of times. Does't even seem to be just the LOCATION_TAG, the same results are seen when using FUNCTION_TAG in the book tag as well. The tag value will re-assert itself if I adjust any setting in the book properties but that defeats the point of the 'Renumber' functions.


Is this a bug or expected behaviour that I just am not understanding?


*Using Solidworks Electrical 2018 SP3 64 Bit edition.