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    Determining torque required by a motor using motion analysis?

    Scott Jevne

      Can I run my set-up by anyone? It would be greatly appreciated as I've never done a motion analysis before. What I've done is made a rough mock-up of an assembly as one part in order to do a motion analysis because when I was trying to use the subassembly, it would not rotate the way I wanted. When performing a motion analysis, I get a resulting torque but I'm not sure if Solidworks some how uses the moment of inertia, weight of the part, etc. without me specifically assigning a force for it? Thanks for any advice.


      -The parts and assembly should be attached.

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          Benjamin Modic

          Hey Scott,


          It looks like you have only included two part files along with the assembly file and therefore it fails to generate the entire assembly.


          The mass properties are based on the density of the materials defined for each part in the FeatureManager. To find the center of mass or moment of inertia at any point in your study...


          1. Run your simulation.

          2. Open the Mass Properties dialog box from the menu Tools > Evaluate > Mass Properties

          3. You will be prompted to rebuild the assembly. Click Yes.

          4. Move the assembly to the frame that corresponds to the position you want.

          5. Click the Recalculate button in the Mass Properties dialog box. You will see the location of the center of mass for the whole assembly at that particular instant in the motion simulation. The dialog box will also give you the coordinates of the center of mass and information about the moments of inertia.