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    Sorting Materials in c#

    Jerome De San Nicolás


      I have seen some post complaining on the impossibility to sort the material database by name.

      As I'm learning the c# I've make a little code to sort the database that I want to share with you.

      It seems to work correctly but the process is kind of wanky. (you have to rename files extensions )


      Be sure to make a BACKUP before testing as I'm a noob developer. And to leave a feedback on what could I improve.




      Ps the code :


      using System.Linq;
      using System.Xml.Linq;
      namespace SortXlm
      class Program
      static void Main(string[] args)
      //Open the xml doc
      XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("C:\\NAME OF THE BASE.XML");
      //you have to change the extention of the material batabase from .sldmat to .xml (MAKE BACKUP!)
      //sort the stuff
      //save xml in another file
      doc.Save("C:\\NEW SORTED XML.xml");
      //you have to change the extention of the material batabase from .xml to .sldmat and put the file in the library directory
      static void SortByName(XContainer container)
      from childEl in container.Elements()
      orderby childEl.Attributes("name").Select(a => a.Value).FirstOrDefault()
      select childEl
      foreach (XElement childEl in container.Elements().Where(e => e.HasElements))
      if (childEl.Name == "classification" || childEl.Name == "material")