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How to place cylinders randomly with a given concentration

Question asked by Georg Ros on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Josh Brady



Could you please help me with the following issue: I need to "simulate" the crowd in a concert venue by the set of cylinders with height of 1.7 m (for example) and radius of 0.25 m with different concentration (number of cylinders per m^2).


But as in real case concentration of people decreases to the edges of the venue and to its back part. For example near the stage we have 2 pers/m^2 and it decreases to 0 (no people). At the attached picture there is an example what I need to do in Solidworks, but there is a constant concentration.


How I can do it in Solidworks but with the different concentration (number of cylinders per m^2)?... and the cylinders should be randomly placed within the given concentration, I mean not like array...

...Lets consider a venue 10*17 m (like on the picture). Since the venue length can change, to do it manually is useless


Thank you! If it's not clear, don't hesitate to ask me, because I really hope for your help!