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Save as PDF error (not quite the same as the other discussion on here)

Question asked by Sp Pro on Nov 26, 2018

So, I've read through and tried the "solution" for the other discussion in regards to saving a PDF and had no luck.  My problem is when i try and save a drawing file as a PDF, the file saves but when I try opening it, it's simply a blank white page.  I can open previous PDFs that I've saved so its seems to be on the Solidworks side of things.  If i click on print preview, i get the error shown in the attached image.  I went through the options and changed the font size to "point" instead of in mm on every page that I could find this option but I'm still getting the error.  I also tried Printing to PDF, which still gives me the error but that method works and I am able to view the PDF.  Any info on how I get rid of this error and/or how I can get save as PDF to work?  Thanks in advance!