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Download and Share All Files?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Danny Edwards

So I tried using the "Download and Share All Files" option for my most recent upgrade to SW18.

I downloaded all the files to my C: drive, then moved them to a network location.

From there I copied them to one coworker's computer, then tried to run the install.

It was missing 15+ files... why? I thought "Download and Share All Files" meant ALL files.

I copied the files on to another computer and that one was missing 23+ files. Why would that be the case?


I did no further investigation on the matter, just grumbled and downloaded the missing files on both computers.


Is there something that I am missing when downloading?

Is there another location that I need to get files from beside the one noted as "Download to:"?

Has anyone else experienced a similar missing files situation when using the "Download and Share All" option?