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Routes will not rebuild

Question asked by Greg Belcik on Nov 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Greg Belcik

Hello, I am having an issue with routing in 2019. I am able to build routes correctly, but when I move an object that the connector is attached to and rebuild, the connector moves but the route does not rebuild. The harness still shows the rebuild icon, but does not rebuild (CTRL-B or CTRL-Q).


If I click "Edit Route" causing the route assembly to load, the routes instantly rebuilds correctly and then I just exit the edit.

Edit Route.PNG


This means that i have to manually edit route on every effected cable every time i move anything which ends with me spending hours manually doing this process repeatedly.



And of course, neither our VAR or our overpriced Solidworks support subscription has solved anything even though they are able to replicate the issue, so does anyone out there have any idea how i can force these routes to rebuild?