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Why do my resultant forces change with a material change?

Question asked by Matt Owen on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Jim Riddell



I am modelling a frame with three masses on. The two smaller ones are approximately 90Kg and the larger one is 60Kg. When modelled with 6 fixed supports the reaction forces in centre are much larger than at the edges (which makes sense to me). I then modelled some blocks to represent the mounting feet under these same 6 locations. When modelled as a fairly stiff material such as steel the reaction forces are similar to the fixed case. However, when I model these as a rubber material which is still within it's elastic limit the reaction forces are completely changed with the forces fairly evenly distributed across all 6 mounts. I have attached screenshots of the reaction forces when fixed at the 6 points, with steel feet and with rubber feet (the material properties for the rubber are also attached). Could anyone shed any light on what's going on here?


Thanks for you're help, Matt.