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    Ben Ben

      I seem to have lost all my mates.

      Where they used to be is now replaced by a 2D Notes folder. No idea what that is. but I need mates.

      Anybody want to be my mate? haha.


      Pics show 2 of the configurations, one still shows mates, planes. sketches etc. The other shows the 2D Notes folder.



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          Ronny Engmann



          it's SPR 948593 and the mates should be visible again when showing the feature details and not the hierarchy only.


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            Ben Ben

            Thanks again Ronny,

            But funny story, today I loaded up the assembly and my mates are back. Possibly because of your first solution, but I don't know. Maybe a system reboot helped the new setting stick, i dunno.

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                Ben Ben

                looking again now, earliewr when i clicked Show Feature Detail, it didnt change from Show Feature Detail.

                I did not even know what Show Hierarchy Only was till I saw it just now.

                It obviously would not toggle between them for some reason, seems to be fine now.

                Anyway, apart from that bug, your first answer is correct. Thanks