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    Cancel extrude thin feature

    Richard Yan


      In the first beginning I start a pipe with extrude thin feature , after some steps, at last I find the pipe should be a solid column. So my question is : Can I change the extrude thin feature to extrude solid part?

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          Bjorn Hulman

          Hi Richard,

          The lack ability to change a thin feature to a solid one has been around for a while. There's no way of doing it neatly by editing the feature as far as I am aware. What you may be able to do is roll up through the feature tree and use the 'Delete Face' feature to remove the internal face of the tube.

          You will then get a solid and relations to the bottom and outside faces should remain intact.

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            Kevin Pymm



            There is a way to do it but it's not neat as Bjorn says.

            If you use the Selected Contours option & pick the region inside the circle & the sketch circle itself it will create a solid extrude. But be aware in the feature tree it will still be called Extrude-Thin.

            Of course it depends how much work you have done after the thin extrude & what relations there are to the inside surface as to whether it is worth doing.