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photoview 360 default scenes

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by Heiko Sohnholz

Every time I fire this thing up I am left shocked at how completely unsatisfactory any of the default scenes and settings are to get any sort of useful output at all.

Initially it seems the dang thing is flying in the air at a funny angle, sitting half way up the wall in the corner of a room where the lights are pointing anywhere but at it.... i just don't understand why there isnt anything like a default scene where you can see detail on anything....always the shadows are crazy directions and its lit from the back so the model is more or less a silhouette...


Surely a model should appear centred in a scene, not up against a wall throwing funny shadows... not with a spotlight thowing a circle beside but not on it. The lights should point at the origin, the origin of the model should initially be at the origin of the scene, a scene should have a centre to it.

All that is before we start talking about scales of the textures, which by default are nowhere near right for anything by at least a factor of ten.

Throw a cast aluminium appearance on it and it comes up looking polished, or perhaps like its covered in gravel... never anything like the right scale.


I just don't understand why it all looks so bad every time.its like someone went in there and deliberately set the defaults for everything to absolutely crazy values.

I spent a lot of time a while back making a hand held device assembly look like it was sitting on a table with lights is suitable places. My hope was to use that assembly as a base for future renderings and just swap the model in and out of it - but it looks like I somehow lost the assembly file, or perhaps there is something I dont understand about how scenes are saved and the data pertinent to the scene was not saved with it...



...and now its probably a waste of time learning how to use photoview360 because there is something different coming with 2018, or maybe not, I'm not sure.


Rant over.