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Folder permissions and folder visibility. "Add membership in folder"

Question asked by Andrew Gavriluk on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Sam Sam

Just trying to get my head around this. Its about folders not initially showing at all then being unable to revert back.


I create a new test vault, calling it ROOT and then as admin, I create 3 sub folders off here called ROOT.1, ROOT.2 and ROOT.3

So it looks like this (ASCII art FTW!)

+ --- ROOT.1
+ --- ROOT.2
+ --- ROOT.3

I create a new user (USER1) and then I create a new group to add them to (GROUP1). I  use the "Add Group members" in GROUP1 properties/Group Members and select USER1 and then "add membership in folder" to ROOT.1
The group members of GROUP1 shows USER1 as a member of ROOT\ROOT.1
I test this by logging onto the vault ROOT as USER1. No folders are shown. All well and good.

As admin I go into GROUP1 properties and it shows no "Assigned Folder Permissions" ( I sort of expected to see ROOT\ROOT.1 from adding membership to this folder in the step above) so I add ROOT\ROOT.1 and I add the "Read file contents" and "Show working versions of files" to the "Folder permissions" for this path only.
I don't add any other paths.

Logging onto the vault shows ROOT.1 as expected and no other folders greyed out or otherwise. All well and good.

If I create another new user (USER2) and create a new group (GROUP2) and then I use the "Add Group members" and select USER2 and then add "add membership in folder" and select ROOT.
No folders show up for USER2. AWAG
I go back into GROUP2 properties and "Add" ROOT.2 to the "Assigned Folder Permissions" (no folders already assigned) and I assign "Read file contents" and "Show working versions of files" to ROOT.2 in the folder permissions.
This shows ROOT.2 as the only folder for USER2. AWAG.

Now I add ROOT to the "assigned folder permissions" (** slight bug - it initially shows up as ROO **). I don't set any permissions on this folder
ROOT.2 is still the only folder shown. AWAG
I add "Read file contents and show working versions" to ROOT
ROOT.1, ROOT.2 and ROOT.3 show up in green. AWAG

Now I remove the permissions just set on ROOT for USER2. ROOT.1 and ROOT.3 show up as grey. ROOT.2 is still green.
I check that any permissions are not persisting for the other folders possibly inherited from ROOT. Nope, they are as they were.
I remove the ROOT path from the "assigned Folder permissions" keeping ROOT\ROOT.2 as it is.
I try logging off/logging as USER2 but the folders are still visible albeit greyed out.
I remove USER2 from the group members for Folder ROOT and add USER2 for the folder ROOT\ROOT.2 only.

At this point, GROUP1 and GROUP2 are now the same excepting the different folders they are applied to as far as I can tell. USER1 and USER2 are the same; no permissions explicitly applied. No State or Transition permissions applied anywhere.

During this testing, I didn't create any files or folders after initially creating the folders as the admin.

It looks like I can't revert back. As USER2 I shouldn't be seeing ROOT.1 and ROOT.3 even if they are greyed out. I can get in these folders. I create a .txt file as admin in ROOT.3 making sure its checked in and this doesn't show as USER2.

What have I failed to do? Is this expected behaviour?

I expected that users couldn't see folders that they have no permissions or particularly, no membership applied to after they've been removed. Same as for users that have never been given the permissions/membership.

This is Solidworks PDM Standard 2018 SP4