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Macro for PDF and DWG splitted

Question asked by Nicolò Bernareggi on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by Abilash V.

Hi everybody!

i need your help! i'm looking for a macro for save the PDF and DWG.

I have already view something similar in older post but no one satisfy my requires!

I can modify the one similar but i don't know how!!!!! (do you have some good guide?some tutorial??)


My case:

Saving PDF and DWG in a specified directory on my PC with the name of the file and removing also the final "_D" before the extension ".pdf."/".dwg".

If i have a multiple sheet in the ".sldrw"(for example 3 sheet) i want the pdf splitted and the last thing that i ask you is to put (filename)+page1of3 on the first file, (filename)+page2of3 on the second file and (filename)+page3of3 on third file.


Do you think that is possible??form my skills no!!!!

I hope in all of you!


thanks in advance!