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Multi Unit Tool Cribs

Question asked by Shawn Lammers on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Angelle Erickson

I am new to Solidworks CAM. I have been using Delcam For Solidworks. Since Delcam is now discontinued I am starting to explore Solidworks CAM.

I am not sure the proper way to handle tool cribs. Most of my tools are in inch units but all my tapping and drilling is done in metric.

What is the best approach, should I create two separate cribs, one for metric and the other for inch? It seems if I do this I would have to create multiple part files and do the inch work in one file and metric work in another. Or can you have multiple cribs at the same time, maybe with with multiple configurations in the same SLDPRT file?

Or should I put all my metric tools in the inch crib and just convert all the dimensions to inch. This is kind of cumbersome and I would like to avoid this.