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Display state question

Question asked by Dominick Johnson on Nov 21, 2018
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I'm currently trying to make a drawing from an assembly with different display states showing certain parts of the assembly. In the assembly, I've made different display states for the sections that I need, but when I put those sections into the drawing and reference the certain display state, I run into issues: I have 3 parts in the drawing that reference one display state (-1) and I did a copy paste to those parts on a new sheet and changed the display state to -2, now when I make changes in -2, the changes also carry over to -1. I've made sure the display states are going to the correct parts/assembly within the drawing and the assembly. I've even gone into the tree and reactivated each display state, and did refreshes. This will change the display states in the drawing to the correct view, but only for the time being until I make another change in -2, than it will go back to carrying over all of the changes to -1. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is this just a bug within SolidWorks?




Dominick Johnson