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visualize VR - How to upload on web?

Question asked by Ivan Mladenovski on Nov 21, 2018
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Recently I have done few VR renders in Visualize that I have delivered just as that to the client. But now for first time I need to upload them on the web, and I'm not able (I'm not too much used to wordpress...).


As I understand, I've installed a plugin WP File Manager, that works as FTP and can store files and folders. I upload the whole folder to the file manager, but I'm not aware of how to start it, nor to import in some post.
- Offline in Windows explorer, it works great opening the "Open.html" file, but nothing happen when I try to open it in wordpress WP File Manager.


Please anyone help me, do I need additional plugin to create the VIEW in the post? Or ho` I can do it.


Thanks in advance!