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Exporting Tech DB info to Excel

Question asked by Jody Smith on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Michael Buchli

Does anyone know a way to export Tech DB info to some usable format? I would like to keep a log of the tools and setups created that is accessible at the machine(s). The computer with Solidworks that I design and generate the code is a good clip from where the machine shop is, and I can't find anyway to access the Tech DB info without being able to open up Solidworks. Am I wrong in thinking that this is just simple database info? I tried to open the Tech DB file with MS Access but I cannot, which I understand they wouldn't want you to be able to mess that up as SW CAM relies on that info. But at least let me export the data so that I can do the tool setup at the machine without having to take a snippet of the Tech DB window and hike back and forth 5 times to change stuff. We just have a very basic computer at the machines so the operator or myself can transfer the files off the network into the CNC machines.