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    Redefine location of the .DLLs

    yaakov levy

      I use the software via remote control software (VMWARE). When I try to create an EXE file in an edrawing program, I can not get it because the DLL is not in the folder defined by the software. How do I redefine the location of the DLL files in order to match the location of the computer?



      Thank you!


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          Eric Hasan

          Hi Jacob,


          Does the SaveAs ZIP functionality work for you?


          If you are running the eDrawings application on the VMWare VM then the Save As EXE functionality should work. What error are you getting?


          The other possibility here is that you running a custom application that is using the eDrawings COM API. If this is the case  you may need to manually copy the eDrawings DLLs to your custom application folder.