Chris Pratt

TIL: HD shaded drawing views in PDF's

Discussion created by Chris Pratt on Nov 20, 2018

For a long time I've been annoyed that when I make a drawing with shaded views (Figure 1) and save it as a .pdf, that the shaded views in the .pdf are very low resolution images (Figure 2). Today I learned that you can increase the resolution (ppi, not the dpi) of the images in the .pdf export by going to *from a SolidWorks drawing* -> "File" -> "Save As" -> "Save As Type" -> ".pdf" -> "options" -> "System Options" -> "export" -> "file format" -> "pdf" -> "Shaded/Draft geometry DPI" -> *set to a high number* (Figure 3). This gives you results like in (Figure 4). If you want rreeaaaallllyyyy snazzy shaded views you can manually align a wire frame view on top of a shaded view to effectively get a shaded vector image (Figure 5). I'll note this gets very complicated for parts with transparent features.



Figure 1



Figure 2



Figure 3



Figure 4



Figure 5