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Hover Over/Pop-up Info Ability To Add XYZ in Model Space?

Question asked by Gaye Bullock on Nov 20, 2018

There is a SW capability that allows the design tree information to be displayed (momentarily) when the cursor is hovered over a part in model space. [i.e., hover a cursor over one specific screw inside an assembly and a pop-up window - at the cursor tip - opens to display the same information/name of part listed in the design tree. (I found it on these boards, BTW, thank you very much: System Options>Display>Dynamic Highlight From Graphics View.)]


My question: Is there a way to add information to this brief pop-up window?


And if so, is it already possible to have that information contain XYZ coordinates of the part's origin in the assembly?


[Or how would you go about trying to view this information with a "mouse-over" otherwise? (I would attach a snip, but I have windows 7 which does not have a snip timer and cannot capture the pop-up...) Does my question make sense?]



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