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Macro to Hide/Show Tables

Question asked by Don Carter on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Don Carter

Is there a macro or set of macros that could be combined that could:

  1. Hide all tables in a drawing on all sheets;
  2. Show tables having specific names on the first sheet of a drawing, i.e. these three tables "BOM Table" "Revision Table" "TB" (no quotes).
      • Sheet1 may not be named Sheet1.


Based on how I've seen other macros work, I would think it easier to hide all tables before showing specific tables, but that is a presumption on my part, not a requirement.


I have no ability to write a macro, so any and all assistance is greatly appreciated !!!

SWx 2017 SP3.0; WIndows 7 and 10