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Wrap on surface doesn't wrap like I would expect it to

Question asked by Sjoerd van De Velde on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2018 by Henk De Bruijn

Dear all,


I'm trying to make a very complex part, with a lot of design challenges that I'm first getting to know a little one by one. One of these challenges is to have embossed strips on a free-form cylinder-like shape. I tried to do it with the embossed wrap function on a spline surface which gets me very strange results:

I've played around with the wrap function for a while and did get a result that looks almost right, but it seems like a lucky shot because altering anything about this part (like height, outlining, number of contours) gets me the same result as above. The lucky shot:


There's a couple of other ways I can think of to do this, like including the strips in the sweep function or starting with a straight cylinder and flexing after or making multiple bodies and later combine/intersect them, but the wrap function has my preference because of the order I can built my complete model. There's still a lot of other features that I will eventually have to include in the model.


So my question now is: does anybody know how to make sure the wrap sketch actually wraps around the center line of the cylinder-like shape? Now it seems like it wants to wrap around the origin point or something.


Kind regards,

Sjoerd van de Velde