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How do I make custom bellows for tube routing?

Question asked by Max Rodgers on Nov 20, 2018

Hi all,


I've been playing around with using the tube/pipe routing to hopefully make my life a little easier in the future. What I'm looking to do is make a custom "pipe" (which I already know how to do) for the library that I can use in lieu of the flex feature. The issue I'm having is that to get my part to look as similar to real life (for customer renderings) as possible, it is not a simple extruded cylinder. Is there any workaround to use the routing component wizard to get this file to work as a custom pipe component?


I'm currently using SW 2019 Premium. I have attached the part with all of the configurations/dimensions that I would think that I need to get this to work. Has anybody had any luck with this?


The end goal is to make something like this, but without having to use the flex command to get everything to line up exactly right.