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Modeling grooves around a tapered solid

Question asked by Sparky Sparky on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by ömür tokman

I'm attempting to model a tapered rounded rectangular prism that has grooves around the outside. Is there an easier way to do this than making a profile and guide sketch for each groove and sweeping the profile along the sketch? Fine if this is the best (only) way to do it, but I'd hate to be missing something simple.


In the attached (simplified) example, I've created planes where the sweep changes direction, and 3D sketches linked to those planes to construct the guide curve. In the finished product there would be parallel grooves covering the entire part, and thus one profile and one guide curve for each groove (there are about 16 on the actual part). I'm only modeling one corner and this would be mirrored to the other three corners.


Note that these are functional, not cosmetic. They need to be geometrically accurate.


This question is similar to the one here: ( Modelling curved fluted surface | MySolidWorks ) but did not contain any solutions that I could use.




Edit: The grooves would not run completely around the solid. The portion modeled in the example would be mirrored to the other corners, but the large flat surface prominent in the screenshot would remain without grooves.